Jr. Golf Academy

Junior Golf Programs and Activities 2020

The league will have Ranking and Every Month Tournament.

Private and advance Golf Lesson for Kids

For Parents Golf Programs:

3- Golf Clinic for Group Parents and Son: cost $25 each person. Saturday morning 8:30 to 9:45am

Basic Technique: Putting, Chipping, Approach, Shut to the green, Bunker, Woods and Driver.

4- Private Golf Lesson for Adults with Zen in Movement, group of the 5 and 10 lesson for beginners:

Zen in golfnew way of seeing and teaching golf; group of 10 private lessons plus Online Zen in Golf Training with 70 videos lesson; for Only U$750 (Normal cost $900.    Where you will change all your game, from the mental concentration and the control of your body. You will control your emotions and the speed of your movement in your swing; to do it efficiently; all this Zen in Movement.

Last class is Playing 9 Holes in the Golf Course

 Go to the this Link for more Information over Seminary

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