Pro Golf Coach

Ivan Mayor

Florida, Estados Unidos.


Professional History

  • Founder and Instructor of WOZM – World Organization of Zen Movement, ZEN Online and ZEN in Golf (2011)
  • Professional Golf Coach since 2003
  • Founder of Ivan Mayor Golf Academy – Grand Palms Golf Resort
  • Founder of the Weston Open Junior Championship Tournament (2008)
  • Golf Instructor at Bonaventure Country Club
  • Founder of Bonaventure Golf Academy
  • Shotokan Black Belt 6th DAN – 1985
  • Founder of the Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do in 1974
  • Karate-do Instructor at Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do for 25 years
  • Co-founder of Federacion Colombiana de Karate-do
  • Instructor at Federacion Colombiana de Karate-do for 15 years
  • Sensei at Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do for 25 years
  • President of Liga de Antioquia from 1994 to 1998
  • Led two Karate Pan-American Tournaments in Medellin Colombia in 1995 and 1997

Major Accomplishments

  • Golf Us Kids Top 50 2010 – Honorable mention – for the top 50 golf instructors in the US due to outstanding work with Junior Students/players
  • Received 3rd DAN in Karate from ITKF (Under Sensei Nishiyama – RIP)
  • In 1985 received 6th DAN in Karate from FPK
  • In 2014 two of my top students are awarded World Championships in Karate
  • Teaching golf to students that are in the Autism Spectrum with great success
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